​We can provide you with bulk bags of kiln dried Hardwood or Softwood Logs or a mix of both to keep you toasty warm all night long.

All our logs are delivered ready to use. Guaranteed dry with a moisture content of 20% or less and cut to fit your open fire or log burning stove, so no swinging of heavy axes necessary, when you order from us. Specific lengths catered for if ordered in advance. Our logs are also suitable for use in pizza ovens, chimineas or fire pits.

We can also supply nets of quality dry kindling wood with your log order to make starting your log burner or open fire really easy. ​Ask about this when ordering. 

Once delivered your logs should be stored in a dry place, preferably stacked, to allow air to circulate around them until ready for use.​ 

Our Logs are Guaranteed or Your Money Back!